ACBL District 20
North American Events Information

G r a n d   N a t i o n a l   T e a m s
GNT Club Qualifying:
September thru February

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D20 GNT Conditions of Contest
2 0 1 7   D i s t r i c t   F i n a l s
All flights were contested online via BBO at multiple venues throughout the district.
ChampionshipFlight AFlight BFlight C
Unlimited MP's
April 29/30, 2017
0 - 6000 MP's
May 6/7, 2017
0 - 2500 MP's
April 30, 2017
0 - 500 MP's (NLM)
May 7, 2017

John Ashton, Dennis Metcalf
Jim Elliott, Marc Zwerling
John Lusky, Randy Pickett

Hal Montgomery
Mike Redden, Joel Datlof
David Brower, Jon Bartlett

Ray Robert, Rick Prouser
Chuck Swart, Jim Wiser

Roger Thomas
Jon Gassaway
Ben Levy, Bev Walker
Finals Results
Day One RR Results
Flight A Finals Results
Day One RR Results
Flight B Results Flight C Results
D20 subsidizes winning teams in each of the four flights $2000 to help with travel expenses:
$1800 from club-qualifying game fees and the general fund; and
$200 from Grass Roots FUNd game distributions.
For general questions about the D20 Finals, contact the NA Events Coodinator, Hal Montgomery.
G N T   N a t i o n a l   F i n a l s
Summer NABC's
July 20 30, 2017
Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, ON

Note: GNT Finals begin on Wednesday, July 19.
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