ACBL District 20
North American Events Information

G r a n d   N a t i o n a l   T e a m s
GNT Club Qualifying:
September thru February

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D20 GNT Conditions of Contest
2 0 1 7   D i s t r i c t   F i n a l s
All flights are contested online via BBO at multiple venues throughout the district.
Pre-qualification and pre-registration are required in order to participate. Registration fees are $104 per team.
The qualification period is completed. A list of qualifiers is posted below.
Click here for registration form. Qualified player list Click here for list of Venues.
ChampionshipFlight AFlight BFlight C
Unlimited MP's
April 29/30, 2017
11 am PDT - 1st session *
0 - 6000 MP's
May 6/7, 2017
11 am PDT - 1st session *
0 - 2500 MP's
April 30, 2017
11 am PDT - 1st session *
0 - 500 MP's (NLM)
May 7, 2017
11 am PDT - 1st session *
Championship Roster Flight B Roster
* Note: 1st session starts at 11 am PDT (8 am in Hawaii, noon in ID). 2nd session start is TBA.
D20 subsidizes winning teams in each of the four flights $2000 to help with travel expenses:
$1800 from club-qualifying game fees and the general fund; and
$200 from Grass Roots FUNd game distributions.
For general questions about the D20 Finals, contact the NA Events Coodinator, Hal Montgomery.
G N T   N a t i o n a l   F i n a l s
Summer NABC's
July 20 30, 2017
Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, ON

Note: GNT Finals begin on Wednesday, July 19.
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