Minutes of the D-20 Board of Directors Meeting
Oregon Coast Regional, Seaside, Oregon

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sam Asai, President

Rich  Carle, NA Events Coordinator

Bob Peery,  Area 9

MerlinVilhauer, Webmaster/2nd Alternate

Christine Orchard, Trumpet Editor

Jeff Taylor, District Director

Christy Wiegel, I/N Coordinator

Molly Harris, Area 5

Marilyn Vilhauer, Tournament Chair/Executive Secretary

Larry Crumb, Area 2 

John Weatherwax, Area 6

Mary Alice Seville, Education Liaison

Jeff Wiegel, Guest

Bobby Thompson, Area 7

Marie Ashton, Treasurer/Secretary

Zelna Morrow, Area 1

Jo Anne Murdock, First Alternate

Mike Eyer, Recorder

Merle Stetser, Area 4, Board of Gov.

Karol Monroe, Board of Gov.

Guests: Don Walker, Unit 484

Bill Moore, Portland



1.        Call to Order- Sam Asai

a.        Meeting called to order at 4:45 p.m. by  President Sam Asai

b.       Attendees introduced themselves and welcomed Merle Stetser as the new Area Rep from Hawaii. Later in the meeting, Christy Wiegel was introduced as the new I/N Coordinator, along with her husband, Jeff.

2.        Approval of Minutes from Friday, May 14, 2010

a.        Motion made by Larry Crumb to accept the minutes, Bob Peery seconded; motion passed unanimously.

3.       Financial Statements-Marie Ashton

a.        At September 30, 2010 total assets were $135,068; the loss for the eight months was $6,464, which is more than $14,000 ahead of projections.

b.       The increase is due mostly to the deposit of $11,500 from the NABC bank account representing unused monies raised for the tournament.  Jo Anne Murdock, NABC treasurer, reported that another $2,979.11 closed out the account and was deposited in October.

c.        The Rogue Valley Regional net income was $2,890, beating projections by about $3,000.

d.       Zelna Morrow moved to accept the financial statements; Molly Harris seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

4.       Tournament Manager-Marilyn Vilhauer

a.        Seaside is up 9% from last year and broke records for daily tables in play. People attended from 20 states and 3 Canadian provinces. The local group is group of “dynamos”.  (Note: total tables were 2,343).  Starting times next year will be 1 and 7pm.  The Gold Point Event for players with 0-750 masterpoints was a great success.  The Senior event has been canceled for next year for lack of interest.

b.       The hotel in Reno has called to say that the room block is down.  Marilyn estimates that the competition of other tournaments, notably Palm Springs and Monterey, has had a permanent affect on attendance. The starting times of 10 and 3 will hopefully make the tournament more attractive.

c.        Oregon Trail: Thanks to Sue Kroning and our Trumpet designer, Peggy Coquet, for stepping in to finish the flyer when Marilyn had family issues.

d.       Medford:  Red Lion gave away the week we normally use in 2012. We are currently looking for a different site. Don Walker and other Unit Board members have agreed to help look.

e.        Bend tournament: The salesperson at the Riverhouse was recently at the Valley River Inn in Eugene and has worked with us.  The only date that works for them is May 13, 2013. Weather may be an issue. Current space rental prices are far too high for our tournaments. We are still working hard on it.



5.       Tournament Coordinator: Larry Crumb

a.        The Hood River tournament had some issues with venue which might have affected the schedule, but the issues have been resolved.

b.       Larry appealed to Units to submit sanctions for multiple years. Jo Anne Murdock pointed out that this is not possible in many cases.

6.       NA Events: Rich Carle

a.        North American Pairs (NAP) finals will be held October 31 in three locations for all flights. Chico, Honolulu and Portland are the sites. If 5 tables play in each location, the top qualifier will advance to the Nationals.

b.       North American Teams (GNT) sent teams for every bracket to New Orleans and our Flight C team came in second!  Preliminary conditions of contest are posted on the internet for this year.

c.        The Board voted to reduce the fee to the District for GNT club qualifying games from $7 per table to $4 for this year.  The process will be reviewed after this season. Jo Anne moved; John Weatherwax seconded the original motion to reduce fees. Jeff Taylor amended the motion to be effective September 1 and to be reviewed in one year, Larry seconded this motion. The amendment passed unanimously, the whole motion passed with one dissenting vote.

d.       Rich noted the policy for Flight C players in NA events is that if they play in a qualifier, they are automatically qualified into the District Finals.

e.        Rich announced the formal NA Events committee to be made of up: Chris Gibson, Steve Kaessner, John Lusky, Ed Parker, Muriel Stitt and Jeff Taylor.

f.         The committee has been considering online NA event games.  Issues such as locations, hardware and monitors for the event are being worked on.

7.       Education Liaison-Mary Alice Seville

a.        The teacher accreditation at Seaside program had 13 attendees, 9 from within the District and 4 outside. The District subsidized the few

b.       22 sat for the Director test.

c.        20 people attended the Teacher Appreciation dinner.

d.       Karol Monroe commended Mary Alice on her first year in this position.

8.        Trumpet Editor-Christine Orchard

a.        The Board discussed advertising in the Trumpet and confirmed that accepting advertisements is at the discretion of the Editor.

b.       Christine asked the Board if it wants to continue publishing the paper 6 times a year, or reduce it to 4 times, which would correspond with our Regionals. A straw vote of the group voted to maintain 6 issues per year.

c.        Christine commended Jeff on his many great articles and invited him to continue providing them.

9.       District Director-Jeff Taylor

a.        Jeff announced that this is his last meeting as District Director and stated that he has enjoyed his tenure.

b.       Jeff has many worthy candidates for the Goodwill and Charity committees.

c.        Jeff has reported in the Trumpet about the most recent ACBL Board meeting in New Orleans.

d.       The election for District Director has been held and resulted in a run-off between Jo Anne Murdock and Merlin Vilhauer which will be completed in 30 days.

e.        Jeff announced to the Board that he is running for our District president in February 2011.

f.         Jo Anne Murdock made a motion to commend Jeff for his service to the District; the motion passed unanimously with a round of applause.

10.    Electronic scoring committee-Merlin Vilhauer

a.        The District voted to buy Bridgemates via a loan to John Gram so that he could obtain a very favorable rate for the units.

b.       The loan is secured by the Bridgemates; payments of $1,569 with interest at 4.75% will be made each July 1st beginning in 2011 and ending in 2016.  The District will rent the units from John for $.60 per table, with the rental applying to the loan.

c.        A motion was made and seconded to enter this report into the minutes. The motion passed unanimously

11.    Open items: none

12.    New business:

a.        Sam suggested establishing a committee to discuss the Reno Regional with District 21. Jo Anne noted that her discussions with District 21 indicated that they will definitely take over after 2014.

b.       John Weatherwax suggests revisions to the Bylaws to permit the Reno regional being held, even that it is outside the boundaries.  After discussion, President Asai reconstituted the Bylaws committee and charged them with reviewing and updating the Bylaws. (Note: after the meeting, Sam appointed John Weatherwax and Karol Monroe to join the committee).

c.        The Board discussed Reno and the issues with continuing to run the tournament. The Board asked Marilyn to evaluate the cost of dropping the regional.  A straw vote to continue hosting the Regional passed with one dissent.

13.     Next meeting on Friday in Vancouver, WA on Friday and Saturday starting at 4:45.  Meeting adjourned at 6:40.



Respectfully submitted,


Marie Ashton

October 15, 2010