Minutes of the D-20 Board of Directors Meeting
Oregon Trail Regional Vancouver, Washington

February 19, 2010 Friday, Day one


Sam Asai, President

Rich Carle, NA Events

Bob Peery, Area 9

Merlin Vilhauer, Webmaster

Christine Orchard, Trumpet

Jeff Taylor, District Director

Kathy Hansen, NABC Chair

Molly Harris, Area 5

Marilyn Vilhauer, Tournament Chair

Larry Crumb, Area 2

John Weatherwax, Area 6

Bob Hormel, Finance Comm

Karol Monroe

Mark Tolliver, Finance Comm

Absent without proxy:

Lily Johannessen, Area 4Bernadine Lacy, Area 7 and Zelna Morrow, Area 1

Marc Zwerling, Finance Comm

Marie Ashton, Secy/Treas


1.       Call to Order- Sam Asai

a.       Meeting called to order at 4:45 p.m. by President Sam Asai

b.       Introductions were made with special welcomes of our new Area Representative from Region 6, John Weatherwax and new Finance Committee member, Bob Hormel.


2.       Approval of Minutes from Friday, August 7, 2009

a.       Larry Crumb moved to accept the minutes from Seaside, October 2009. Molly Harris seconded; motion passed unanimously.


3.       Special Report, Karol Monroe

a.       Karol reported that her resignation as Education Liaison was effective on January 31, 2010. Jeff Taylor moved to thank Karol for her years of dedicated service to the District. Larry Crumb seconded the motion which was passed unanimously.

b.       Karol reported that the search committee, of Sue Kroning, Bob Peery and her, recommend the appointment of Mary Alice Seville from Corvallis, OR as the new Education Liaison. President Asai made the appointment and called for a vote of confirmation. Bob Peery moved to ratify, Molly Harris seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

c.        Karol itemized the types of expenses and their costs for the Education Festival in Seaside in 2010 and stated that the arrangements have been made by her for the events. No total estimate of cost was provided.

d.       Karol next stated her opinion that the education expense reimbursements should be extended to clubs and units as well as the teachers themselves. Marc Zwerling asked if there is a way to measure the benefits of the education programs to the District. Karol stated that there are presently no methods in place. The following Board members made general comments about favorable results in their areas: Harris, Taylor, Peery, Weatherwax and Crumb.

4.       Financial Statements Year ended January 31, 2010--Marie Ashton

a.       Reserves: Cash $135,546; NABC bank $5,000 and prepaid expenses of $986, for a total of $141,532. Net income for the year was $3,572, compared to budgeted loss of ($ 7,456). The prior year showed a small loss of ($ 120). The great success of the 2009 Oregon Trail Regional, plus reduction in the following expenses was the reason for the good year: Education expense reimbursements, Trumpet printing, and VIP expenses.

b.       The Holiday Regional in Reno in December had net income of $ 5,900, although income was down 17% from the prior year. Marilyn Vilhauer and John Ashton had expected this due to the proximity of the tournament to the NABC in March. They carefully monitored expenses to keep the tournament a success.

c.        John Weatherwax moved to approve the financial report; Larry Crumb seconded; the report was approved unanimously.


5.       Finance Committee Report- Marc Zwerling, Chair

a.       Before presenting the report, Marc took some time to explain the work done by the Committee each year. 90% of the work is done in early February when the prior year financial statements and the initial draft of the budget are reviewed. These drafts are prepared by the Treasurer with budget requests made by Committee heads, tournament estimates provided by the Manager and Head Director, and with the application of Cost of Living adjustments to some expenses.

b.       The Finance Committee then prepares recommendations to the Board for changes to the draft budget. The Committee makes recommendations, but has no authority to take action.

c.        Marc then presented the recommendations in a written report, a copy of which is made part of these minutes by reference. With the original budget showing a deficit of about $ 13,000, most of the recommendations included cutting costs.

                                                                           i.      Reduce the subsidy to Grand National teams for this year from $ 7,200 to $ 5,400. Rich Carle commented that the Conditions of Contest were out with the higher number. Molly Harris moved that the Board review the policy for 2011 and vote on a change for that year in Medford. John Weatherwax seconded; motion passed unanimously.

                                                                         ii.      Jeff Taylor moved to approve the recommendation that the District discontinue the practice of offering a suite to the District Director in Reno, since there is no meeting there and they are no longer in our District. The suite will be used by two Directors, if possible. Larry Crumb seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

                                                                       iii.      Larry Crumb moved that the cost of Board meetings be reduced substantially, such as serving pizza or sandwiches in a suite. Seconded by Jeff Taylor, passed unanimously.

                                                                       iv.      Jeff Taylor moved and Molly Harris seconded a motion to change the starting times at the Reno Holiday regional to 10, 3 and 7:30. This should reduce the number of Directors needed by one. Passed unanimously.



6.       Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Marie Ashton

October 14, 2009