Recap and Leaders Internet Posting Utility for Windows

by Merlin Vilhauer

Portland Oregon

Latest version is 4.20 Jan 25, 2006

    How To Download and Other Information

  1. Download the self extracting file (double click with left mouse button)vh_ftp.exe (466KB). Save "vh_ftp.exe" file on your computer

  2. After the program is downloaded, you will usually be ask to open the file/program. Open it. This is a self installing program. Follow instructions and it should install and place an Icon on your desktop. Once this is done you have a program that should upload recap sheets and Leader sheets to the website.

  3. You are now ready to run the program. After entering the scores and names from ACBLSCOR and printing out results, Connect to your ISP( Internet Service Provider i.e. AOL, Earthlink etc ). Once connected, click on the "VHFTP" icon and it will do the rest. Click on the vhftp icon shown on your desktop

  4. The upload program will upload files to a tourn_res subdirectory on your website. You can click on the following sites to see examples

    1 - Club in Las Vegas Nv  A Bridge Connection

    1 - Club in Portland Or  Eastside Bridge Club

    1 - Club in Beaverton Or  The Ace of Clubs Bridge Club

    Included in the setup program is a file called exresults.htm. This can be placed in your home website and referenced in your home file (index.html). The program will upload the created files to the website after each day replacing the previous weeks files.

  5. Cost of the upload program. The program can be purchased in several ways.
    1 - Buy the program to use - $200.00 - this includes tech support and updates for 1 year.
    2 - Buy the program on a monthy basis - this would include a web space to upload your recap and leader sheets. Charge - $5.00 /month - 2 year
    3 - Buy program with support for website. $300.00

When you click on the Icon (vhftp), you will get a dialog box that looks like the one below:

This dialog box will appear only the first time you execute (start) the program.
You should fill in the boxes (white spaces) in the following manner.

Profile Name - This is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) AOL, Earthlink etc

Host/Name Address - For AOL this is: For Earthlink : You may need to check with your ISP to get the right stuff

Host Type - Automatic Detect (this is ok to leave as is)

User ID - Here you put your user name. Generally the name in front of your email address ie - johndoe is user name for AOL we put in anonymous - don't ask me why.
Password - this is you password - same as used for email. for AOL - this is your email address ie
Account (Club Name) - Enter club name here - this is printed out on bottom of recap sheet

Now click the OK button - then click the next OK button and the program will
do its work. This information will be stored in a file so the next time you use the program, it
will remember.

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