District 20

ACBL District 20

Help Wanted

Tournament Manager
Position Opening October 1, 2017

D20 Regionals

Candidate Requirements 
  1. Excellent people skills. 
  2. Excellent organization skills. 
  3. Familiarity with Word, Excel and Publisher. 
  4. Ability to travel to all four D20 mainland Regional Tournaments:
       Oregon Trail (Vancouver), Oregon Coast (Seaside), annually;
       High Desert (Bend), Great Potato (Boise), even years;
       Rogue Valley (Medford), Emerald Empire (Eugene), odd years. 
  5. A working knowledge of bridge and bridge tournaments. 
Tournament Manager Compensation
  1. Required travel, per diem, and hotel expenses are reimbursed, 
     as per current and future D20 Board policies.
  2. A small stipend, to be negotiated, is paid. 

Hiring Schedule (tentative, to be modified if necessary)
  1. Candidates will be accepted and reviewed until July 1, 2017.
  2. A selection will be made by August 1, 2017. *
  3. The person(s) selected will be hired prior to and trained at the
     Oregon Coast Regional in Seaside, October 2-8, 2017.
  4. The person(s) selected will assume the position(s) soley after Seaside.

Tournament Manager Responsibilities:

  - Have your home phone number and email address published and respond to
    messages with regard to tournaments. Send out information as requested.
  - Coordinate schedules and activities with the Business Manager, Director-in-
    Charge, Education Liaison, I/N Coordinator, and Web Master.
  - Coordinate with Equipment Supplier for tables and bridge paraphernalia.	

  - Arrange D20 Board meeting space and food for attendees as needed.
  - Attend D20 Board Meetings (at least twice annually). 
  - Attend Finance Committee meeting, usually in January.
  - Attend pre-tournament hotel conference meetings. 

  Tournament Planning 
  - Confirm tournament dates with the Tournament Coordinator.
  - Work with Contracts Manager to secure adequate facilities.
  - Secure ACBL Sanction for future tournaments.
  - Set playing schedules for the upcoming tournaments.
  - Set budgets for Regionals and report to Finance Committee. 
  Tournament Preparation 
  - Design, print, and distribute tournament flyers. 
  - Advertise all tournaments: web posting, ACBL Marketing emails. 
  - Instruct the hosting units on their duties and responsibilities, including 
    arranging a Caddy Master and staffing the Hospitality and Partnership Desks.
  - Arrange hospitality gifts: design and select art work, then order.
  - Make hotel reservations for D20 VIP, D20 staff and directors. 
  - Hire and oversee the Daily Bulletin Editor.
  - Hire and oversee a photographer.
  Tournament Operations 
  - Coordinate with facility and the Equipment Supplier concerning playing space 
    set-up needs of the DiC. 
  - Supervise playing site during the tournament. 
  - Help Business Manager and/or Director-in-Charge with banking if needed. 
  - Pay caddies. 
  - Pay gratuities. 
  - Order all food/beverages for player hospitality. 
Please send letters of interest with resumes to Marie Ashton:
6512 SW Midmar Pl, Portland, OR 97223, 503.244.5733, marieashton@comcast.net

* Note: it is intended to hire one person for this position. However, D20 
  reserves the right to divide the work into multiple jobs if that seems best. 
  This could be one person per tournament or any other sensible division.   
Reference: Manual of Policies and Procedures - The Tournament Manager