The Common Game


What is The Common Game?

ACBL Board member Jay Whipple, III and his team at The Common Game (TCG) run a series of bridge games where performance and attendance are rewarded. Clubs all over North America play the same set of hands from a common library for morning, afternoon, and evening games. Visit "Where in the World" to see what clubs participate in The Common Game The deals are created completely randomly with BridgeComposer software. TCG uses the option in BridgeComposer of employing Hans van Staveren's Big Deal algorithm, the use of which is required for World Bridge Federation and European Bridge League events. For a bit of background on Big Deal, visit Even so, some have questioned the randomness of TCG deals. Click here for statistics. Currently both the Monday morning and Thursday evening games in Kelso take part in TCG. In Vancouver, all sessions except the Tuesday and Friday evening games that start at 7 pm participate. TCG originates in Florida, so west coast evening games must start by 6:30 pm for security reasons. Also because of the time difference, the LBC and VBC morning games use the TCG afternoon deals.

The benefits to you are:

» A personal page is created that keeps track of your partners, games, and results » Hand analysis by experts is available for some of the hands you played » You can compare scores and ranking with many other players throughout the country who play the same hands

What you need to do:

» Nothing! You get the same Masterpoints as normal. You see your daily results online the same way as usual (from the VBC results page). » To view your personal page, go to and login with your ACBL number. » To view nationwide results for a day game, go here. » To view nationwide results for a nite game, go here.

What you need to know:

» The Common Game answers Frequently Asked Questions at here. » There are some great Common Game tutorials here. » If the game is a Howell, and you are stationary, your scores will be under N/S or E/W not "Howellers." » If the game has fewer than four players over 500 masterpoints, it is considered a 299er game. » If you have fewer than 300 masterpoints you will show up in the 299er results. » If you have fewer than 300 masterpoints and play in an open game, you may show up both places (open and 299er).

How can I display my picture on the TCG results pages:

Submit a photo you like to the administrator.